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I help arts organisations harness digital opportunities.

Oliver Pitceathly

I have a background in Fine Art and over 10 years experience managing digital marketing spend for companies including Disney, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

I assist arts organisations in creating exciting opportunities with new technology in innovative and affordable ways. I can help you plan, design and deliver digital projects, or simply help bridge the gap between arts organisation and digital agency to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

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Oliver Pitceathly

My Services

I will help you engage and grow your audience.

Your campaign performance will rocket
Digital Marketing

Performance based marketing campaigns with measured results and return on investment.

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Annotate details of paintings with Augmented Reality
Interactive Design

Digital interactives that engage audiences with collections.

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Family activities and workshops with digital learning objectives.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

Develop a cost effective plan to employ new technology in innovative ways to attract and engage visitors.

Social Media

Create engaging social content and maximize your advertising spend for the highest return on investment.

Email Marketing

Promote your services through optimized email marketing campaigns in a way that builds loyalty, trust, and awareness.


Learn how your website visitors behave and how to convert that behaviour into profit and visits to your venue.

Web Design

Develop mobile responsive and conversion optimized websites that turn your online traffic into footfall; all within your budget.


Improve your visibility, retool your website and give you the skills to reach the maximum users in the future.

I can train your team to execute cost-effective and successful digital marketing campaigns

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Interactive Design

Installing a digital interactive in an exhibition space will enhance the visitor experience. Interactives are typically more accessible than blocks of text attached to the wall; and in the long term more cost efficient than hosting guided tours. However, the initial expense of developing and installing an interactive can be quite costly, meaning that it needs to remain in service for years in order to represent good value for money. Quite often Museums and Art Galleries have interactives on display that are outdated both in terms of technology and information.

I solve this problem by providing a low cost interactive development service. I can develop and install a basic touch screen interactive in 3 days, build in seasonal updates, and periodically refresh the content to keep it relevant and up-to-date. Nowadays, visitors carry touch screen devices with them, so in addition to fixed position touch screen interactives, I provide mobile app and mobile web page development. Visitors engage with their devices during a visit to enhance and share their experience. From social media sharing to augmented reality, we can find meaningful and exciting ways to facilitate engagement.

There are various recent technologies we can use to attract new audiences and add a new dimension to their visitor experience. Get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss the options available.

Augmented Reality

Enrich your visitor experience with interactive interpretation


Take advantage of new tools to communicate important ideas.


Attract new visitors by adding an array of rich new content.


Give visitors a new way to engage with an object's stories.

Community Engagement

Allow schools and community members to contribute to the collection's narrative.


I develop and facilitate digital learning events, formulate training days and provide consultation. My services include Family Activities, Adult Creative Learning Workshops and Staff Digital Training, from Business Tools to Online Marketing. If you would benefit from digital learning support or would like me to respond to a learning brief, feel free to get in touch.

The GIF Gallery workshop is a family activity that I developed for Lakeland Arts. The workshop provides participants with the materials and technology to create stop motion animations. Materials comprise of characters and backdrops from Abbot Hall Art Gallery's historical paintings. The activity gives children an opportunity to create their own stories based on each painting, and a unique interpretation of the subject matter.

Ship wreck animated GIF

The GIF Gallery can help children engage with your organisation's collection, be it figurative painting, photography or sculpture. If you would like to consider running a similar activity at your venue, please contact me for more information. A selection of the Abbot Hall Art Gallery animations can be viewed at The GIF Gallery on Google+.